About the Lotto Black Book Author

Who is Larry Blair, and how did he come up with the Lotto Black Book?

Larry Blair is just your average mathematics professor from Oklahoma. He first started the playing the lottery the same way most of us have, from a bit of curiosity, to the dream of  winning that big jackpot. Unlike the rest of us, though, Larry was very passionate about mathematical patterns and the lottery. This combination resulted in the Lotto Black Book.

As the story goes, Mr. Blair actually spent around eight years out of his life creating his masterpiece. He called on every technique and skill he had learned as a math professor and used them to come up with his winning lotto formula. This formula claims to give the player at least a 48.7% rate at winning the draw.

If the reports of his winnings using this formula were to be believed as accurate and correct, Larry Blair was the first person to benefit from the book, winning approximately three major lotto drawings in the first year alone, including one single prize of  over a million dollars!

As good as it sounds, sometimes it can be hard to sift through information and take away the facts from the fluff.. With all that Larry’s book claims to be capable of, I took a closer look.

You can read my findings on the Lotto Black Book Review page of this site.


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