“Who Else Wants to Change their Luck with the Lotto System, and Make Up For All Those Years of Losing, Without Having to Use Some Complicated System”

Dear Fellow Lotto Junkie,

My name is Carl Saunders and like you I play the lottery quite regularly, and it’s been that way for many years. Over the last 12-15 years that I have been playing, I have yet to win more than a couple hundred bucks on some scratch off tickets.

I have never won that big powerball jackpot, or even come close for that matter!

That is why I put up this Facebook page.. I found a unique piece of “literature,” so to speak, called the Lotto Black Book that I think is going to swing the odds a little more evenly for all of us dedicated lotto players who spend hard earned money regularly on a seemingly IMPOSSIBLE to win system.

For more information and facts about my discovery check out my review of the Lotto Black Book in the Main Menu at the right of this page.

It is purely unbaised and researched based. I have been digging up all the information I can find on this one, and if you can relate to where I’m coming from as a lotto junkie, than I think you will be extremely interested in what I found out!


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